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License: AGPL v3 État de la traduction

PDF Signature

Free web software for signing, organizing, editing metadatas or compressing PDFs.


List of instances where you can use this software:

Feel free to add yours through an issue or a pull request.


Open-source software under the AGPL V3 license.

Table of Contents



Enabling and Configuring Multi-Signature Mode

This mode allows multiple people to sign a PDF, but it requires that the PDFs be stored on the server.

It is not mandatory to enable this mode for the application to work; it is an option.

Create the config/config.ini file

cp config/config.ini{.example,}

In the config/config.ini file, configure the PDF_STORAGE_PATH variable with the path where uploaded PDF files can be stored:


Create this folder:

mkdir /path/to/folder

The web server should have write permissions on this folder.

For example, for Apache:

chown www-data /path/to/folder/to/store/pdf

Disabling the Organize Mode

To disable the Organize mode, add DISABLE_ORGANIZATION=true to the config/config.ini file.

Hiding or Modifying the Demo PDF Link

To hide the demo PDF link, add PDF_DEMO_LINK=false to the config/config.ini file.

Default Fields for Metadata Editing

In the config/config.ini file, you can add as many fields as you want with the HTML input type (text, date, number, email, etc.) that will be preloaded for each PDF.

METADATA_DEFAULT_FIELDS[field1].type = "text"
METADATA_DEFAULT_FIELDS[field2].type = "text"
METADATA_DEFAULT_FIELDS[field3].type = "date"
METADATA_DEFAULT_FIELDS[field4].type = "number"


The latest stable version is on the master branch. To update, simply fetch the latest changes:

git pull -r


To run functional tests:

make test

The tests are performed using puppeteer and jest.

To run the tests and view the browser (in debug mode):

DEBUG=1 make test

Libraries Used

For testing:



To update the translation, simply execute make that will update the .pot file, which will merge the .po files which then will allow to create updated .mo files.

État de la traduction


These people are the authors of the code of this software :

Vincent LAURENT (24ème), Jean-Baptiste Le Metayer (24ème), Xavier Garnier (Logilab), Simon Chabot (Logilab), Tangui Morlier (24ème), Gabriel POMA (24ème), Tanguy Le Faucheur (24ème), Étienne Deparis, battosai30


  • 1 365 € excl. taxes from the company Logilab for the development of the shared signature feature
  • 1 950 € excl. taxes from the company Logilab for the development of the metadata editing feature
  • 100 € excl. taxes donations from the company Spirkop
  • 100 € excl. taxes donations from the company PDG IT
  • 1 040 € excl. taxes from the foundation NLNet pour software internationalization

The development of the software was primarily done during the working hours of 24ème employees.


Signature feature

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Organizing feature

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Metadata feature

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Compression feature