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Icecast in Docker

This container is supposed to be compatible with Liquidsoap. A Liquidsoap container is currently in development.


docker run -p 8000:8000 kirtan/icecast

You should then be able to access the Icecast2 Status page at localhost:8000 if you're developing directly on Linux or at docker.machine.ip:8000 (or whichever host name you specified in your hosts file) if you're developing on Windows or Mac. You can find out your docker machine IP address with

docker-machine ip

It's currently not yet possible to pass custom credentials to docker run, but once the Liquidsoap container is ready and both components work together properly, we will work on that, too.

Icecast2 host: localhost Icecast2 source password: kirtan Icecast2 relay password: kirtan Icecast2 administration password: kirtan


As we're new to docker we took inspiration from moul's Icecast Docker file https://github.com/moul/docker-icecast, but as he's building from the official sources.list, you will end up with Icecast 2.3 instead of the latest 2.4.


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE https://github.com/24hourkirtan/docker-icecast/blob/master/LICENSE