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This is a JIRA-Slack integration, it does the following:

  • Sends summaries of issues to your selected channel
  • Sends summaries of issues to Slack channels mapped to JIRA projects
  • Links to the issues on your JIRA location
  • Links mail adresses to the issue creator and assignee

Install and Run

Run the following things to install:

git clone git@github.com:24i/jira-slack.git
cd jira-slack
npm install

# set your env variables
export JIRA_URL=https://your-jira-location.atlassian.net
export SLACK_HOOK_URL=https://hooks.slack.com/services/HOOK-PARAMS

npm start

This will run the integration server and you can now add it as a JIRA WebHook

Environment variables

You can set the env variables by creating your own .env file (by renaming the .env.sample file) or by setting them yourself in your environment (such as Heroku).

Required variables

  • JIRA_URL - The location of your JIRA installation (either your own or cloud)
  • SLACK_HOOK_URL - The incoming slack hook URL generated by slack

Optional variables

You can map your JIRA projects to specific Slack channels if you want. Add a variable in the following format: JIRA_SLACK_PROJECT_EX=my-slack-channel (where EX is your JIRA project key). Messages for these projects will end up in their respective channel.

Running tests

Running the tests is easy as pie, just run the following command npm test and it'll run all of the tests for you


You can find more info about contributing at contributing.md