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The emails started off as being quite interesting and I've found some great projects, but now I just find myself glancing over them as they're kinda the same from day to day. I think some new takes on repo & user data would be good.

Popular: top 3 suggested repos - ordered by pull reqs from account holders
Needs Help: suggested Repos with 0 pulls by account holders
Frantic: most active suggested repos

Just some ideas to provide new takes on data, not just a random list.

@andrew andrew added the help-wanted label Mar 24, 2014

Is this help still wanted? I've got quite a bit of experience in HTML & responsive email build. Would this be relevant?

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@kirgy yeah I was just thinking about this the other day. I think it's two separate issues:

  1. Improving the suggestion data
  2. Adding some design and branding to the HTML emails

Any help with either would be excellent!


@andrew Great. I'm pretty new to ruby and have been having a pain setting up databases on my VPS (maybe not a wise choice), once thats sorted i'll take a look at (2) improving the branding etc. Then hopefully take a look at improving suggestion data (1) once i've got my head around ruby a little.

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@kirgy what operating system are you using on your development machine? Testing the emails from the application isn't particularly easy right now, if you get stuck you could always put together an example html email and I can help you integrate it into the application later.


@kirgy @andrew glad to see my issue has got some focus again. My suggestions above where just that and open to further ideas - just thinking about how else the data could be used.

I don't have time to get involved with building the emails, but could give opinions on design & content work if that helps in any way. Otherwise I'll leave it to you. :-)


@andrew I'm using ubuntu 10 for development, and have another local ubuntu 12 box (when I'm home), but its running on the v10. Ruby installed, postgresql installed but not running (psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory)

But as you suggest, I'll build the HTML templates statically then once something is working we can talk about integrating them.

@mattpass opinions on design and content would be really appreciated. I'll send something your way once it's ready.


@kirgy @mattpass In my experience the e-mails have been quite diverse in the types of projects this year, in contrast to 2012 when I last participated. It might be that there are just more projects available now? Might also be that there are just a lot available in the languages I use and other languages are less fortunate.


@andrew, @mattpass, @killerog I've gone and made a sample responsive HTML email template for general communications. You can see it here:

Welcome Email

Has anyone got access to a litmus account or something similar? I haven't tested these yet in many clients - I'm after just general feedback first. All feedback welcome!

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@kirgy that looks amazing, I can pay for a short term litmus account if it would be useful

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