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Multiple languages email #444

romainberger opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Feels like the logical next step after i18n'ing the site. I'd would be glad to help with this if you're interested.

This could also be a great occasion to finally do something about #194.


@romainberger we don't currently store a language for a user, and I don't think github does either, so it would need a bit more work than just translations.


Yeah I've thought about that, but unless I'm missing something that would be the only kinda big change to do. We would store the language (with a fallback to english of course) then change the language when the user uses the language drop down.

But if you think that's an overkill I totally understand that was just a suggestion.


I'm happy for this to go ahead, it makes sense like you say, but if you feel it's overkill/too much let me know and we can close this thread.

@andrew andrew added the help-wanted label
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