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Unable to select languages #563

FrTerstappen opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I just logged in with my github-account and was unable to select a langage.
I was on the german version an no language was pre selected.
I have no activity in my github account.


What browser are you on?


Chrome Version 32.0.1700.55 beta-m Aura.


A similar thing happened to me on the English version. In my case, I could only check languages boxes in the fourth column. Possibly related: the fourth column was the only one in which a language was pre-selected for me.

I reproduced this in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on OSX. I'll see if I can reproduce locally and fix it.


Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this when running the app in my dev environment.

I do have one more finding: If I resize my browser window to force the languages into a single column, then I can check any of them and save successfully. But when the page is rendered with 4 columns, I still can't check or uncheck boxes in the first 3 columns. I don't know why the layout seems to affect the functionality of the checkboxes. I'll have to leave this for someone more familiar with the client-side of this app.

@andrew andrew added the help wanted label
@andrew andrew added the bug label

I tried to reproduce this locally, and live, and I had no success. Is this bug still relevant?


I suspect not, let's close it and reopen if someone runs into it.

@andrew andrew closed this

This is also working for me now.

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