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Enchantments ID Effect Level
Random Random Enchantment. any
Pumpking Harvests all the pumpkin and melon. 1
Jump Gives you infinite jump boost 3
Launch A chance to launch the enemy up in the sky! 5
Mischief Inflicts nausea to your opponent 3
Paralyze You have a chance to give your opponent Mining Fatigue effect for few seconds 2
Siphon You have chance to get large amount of life steal from PvE (Mobs). 3
Thief While PvPing, you have a chance to steal some % of the money from your opponent 3
Touch You can harvest mob spawners. 1
Crushing A chance to deal up to 3x damage 6
Haste Gives you Haste Potion Effect 3
Immolation When you sneak, you have chance to set nearby players on fire 5
Lifesteal When attacking another player you have a chance of gaining some of your health back 3
Molten Gives infinite Fire Resistant 3
Plunder More XP from entities 1
Shield Gives infinite health boost. 3
Swimmer Gives you infinite water breathing 3
Explosive When destroying a block that your tool was meant for you cause an explosion that breaks similar blocks arround that. 1
Assassin Player has a chance of inflicting a poison effect on the victim 3
Battlecry Chance to remove negative debuffs from yourself while you fight 3
Blessed Restores the wearers health and hunger while walking and running 3
Crits You will deal double damage 1
Curse Upon hitting a target they will receive the wither damage debuff 4
Dodge Chance of evading damage 5
Execute More critical hits and a higher chance to do 2x damage whilst sneaking 5
Eyepatch Immune to blindness 1
Flame Has a chance to ignite people that attack you 3
Purge A chance to call down a strike of lightning upon your enemy, removing all positive potion effects they have and damages them 4
Speed Gives you infinite speed boost 3
Vitality Gives you extra hearts 3
Smelt Auto Smelts the blocks you break 1
Phoenix Gives you infinite regeneration 3
Pyromaniac Fire ticks have a chance to heal you instead of doing damage 5
Smite A chance to call down a bolt of lightning, removing any positive buffs the enemy has 5
Turmoil Has a chance to give enemies a nausea potion debuff 3
Cure Gives you infinite regen 3
Demonic Has a chance of giving the wither effect to your attacker 5
Divine A chance to heal you relative to the damage you inflict upon your enemy without taking their health 3
Endless Item with this enchantment will never be broken 1
Feather No fall damage when you wear any armour part having this enchantment 1
Frosty Has a chance of inflicting a slow effect on your victim. 3
Hex A chance of inflicting blindness on your victim 3
Reinforced You get damage resistance 3
Stealth When you sneak, nearby enemies aiming near you have a chance to get blindness 4
Rider Tames a horse with saddle when hit while wearing armour with this enchant. 1
Aegis When blocking, player has a chance to regain health 5
Batvision Gives you infinite night vision 1
Corruption Has a chance to give weakness effect to enemy 5
Factory Auto makes the block of items 1
Petrify Has a chance to give slowness effect to your enemy 3
Shadowstep You have a chance to get teleported behind the player who damaged you 3
Strength Gives infinite Strength 3
Tamer By hitting the wolves, they will be tamed 1
Lumberjack Chops the whole tree in one click 1
Invisible Gives you infinite invisibility 3
Spiked Gives a thorns like effect but a bit more than default 3
Plow Hoes a bigger area 1
Reborn When you kill a player, you will get Absorption and Regeneration potion effect for limited time 3
Rekt You give 2x damage to mobs 2
Repel While getting damage, you have chance to give a high knockback to your enemy 3
Reversal You have chance to reverse the damage towards your opponent who damaged you 3
Riftslayer You deal up to 3x more damage to mobs 1
Saturation Gives you infinite saturation 3
Suicide A chance to create an explosion when the player dies 1
Wings You can fly 1
Shearer When left clicking the item having this enchant in the air, all Sheep within the radius will be sheared 1
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