Javascript multivariant and AB testing using Google Analytics and Math.rand()
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Multivariate Testing in JavaScript made easy. Also see, the pro version of xander.


  • Multivariate testing should be simple for developers and designers
  • Variants should be cheap to add and simple to view
  • Analytics should be useful and available for review
  • If you are using, your website should get better over time without manual intervention.

Library Requirements

  • (optional)
  • Google Analytics
  • jQuery

Browser support:

  • Internet Explorer 6 and above
  • Firefox 2 and above
  • All modern browsers


  • Include xander-client javascript file


  <script src=''></script>


Multivariate testing for HTML elements

  • Defining a variant

      <div id="callToAction">
        <div data-variant="logic" class='red hide'>
          If you have a website with users, you should be multivariate testing.  It's the only way to ensure your changes are actually what users want.
        <div data-variant="google" class='blue hide'>
          Multivariate testing is used by Google to optimize their search results.
        <div data-variant='silly' class='green hide'>
          You can't multivariate test your life... yet - but now you can easily multivariate test your websites!
  • This variant sets up a three way test between logic, google, and silly calls to action variants so we can see which phrasing works best.

  • The data will be available in Google Analytics (or if you chose to use it)

  • We have a simple hide class that sets 'display: none'. This avoids flicker after the page loads.

Multivariate testing for CSS classes

  • Defining testable CSS classes

      <section id='signup' data-css-variants="green blue" />
  • One of the two green or blue classes will be added to your #signup button.

  • Variation reports are based on ids


Goals are a simple way to track conversions. In Google Analytics they correlate specifically to _trackPageview's.

Defining a goal

  <form data-goal="New User" onsubmit='processInfo(); return false'>
    <!-- Here's where you could multivariate test the form. -->
    <h1> Sign up for our amazing product </h1>
    <input type='submit'> Sign up </input>

Potential Pitfall

Be careful when using cross-domain links that redirect the browser, xander may not get a chance to fire the goal reached event. This is not a concern if the goal targets a new window.

Technical Details of Goals

Goals in Xander work by binding to an element's jquery click event (or submit event in the case of a form).

If you can't get the goal to trigger - console.log is your friend. Open up your console and you will see some messages from xander when your page is setup and again when a goal is pressed.

If all else fails, you can call:

  xander.goalReached("New User");

Verifying your variant test is setup

  • Setup your variants and page goal
  • Click your page goal
  • Log in to Google Analytics
  • If you are using Google Analytics and not, you will likely face a problem where Google Analytics will reflect your test data. This can be filtered in google analytics, or just use

Rerolling a page

You can now call a rerollVariants method to get a whole new version of your site.

  xander.reroll(); // reroll all CSS and content variants
  xander.reroll($("#choices")); // reroll the #choices variant

Event Handlers


variant is an object that looks like:

  'section id' : 'chosen variant'


This allows you to execute custom javascript for specific variants

xander.onVariantChosen(function(variant) {
  if (variant.signup === 'red-button') {
    // Execute custom javascript for the red button variant of signup

Commercial offerings

If you like xander, but don't like the sample distribution using Math.rand() - or don't like having to review your variant's performance, check out . It's a SAAS that uses 90/10 testing to figure out your best performing variant (with a friendly UI).

Note, xander inserts a tracking pixel on your site in the event that you would like to upgrade. To disable this, add this after your script include.


Related Work

  • ABalytics
  • Send us a message if there's anything else that should be listed.