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Very small Prototype JS application for choose color from fixed list

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Tiny Color Chooser

The component is used to select colors from a limited list.

The component is based on the JavaScript library Prototype.

Example Use

<input id="color_chooser_2" type="hidden"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
    new TinyColorChooser("color_chooser_2", {
        colors: ["AAA","BBB","CCC","DDD","FFF"],
        default_color: "BBB",
        popup_height: 26,
        popup_width: 102

If you are using Ruby On Rails, you can define helper method

def select_color_tag(name, value=nil, options={})
    out = hidden_field_tag(name, value, options)
    out << javascript_tag("new TinyColorChooser(\"#{sanitize_to_id(name)}\", #{options.to_json})");

and use it in your erb

<%= select_color_tag("some_field_name", "some_field_value", {
        :default_color => "CCC",
        :colors=>["AAA", "BBB", "CCC", "DDD", "EEE", "FFF"]

Supported Properties

colors, default_color, popup_width, popup_height, element_classname, popup_classname, preview_classname


GNU General Public License v2

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