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WHISTLE-1441: send the agent wrapup timer to the publisher

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commit 4cf177bfe56aec7e8ca58a818f95fa93efd56e9f 1 parent c65c9a2
@jamesaimonetti jamesaimonetti authored
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 whistle_apps/apps/acdc/src/acdc_queue_fsm.erl
5 whistle_apps/apps/acdc/src/acdc_queue_fsm.erl
@@ -388,14 +388,15 @@ connect_req({timeout, Ref, ?COLLECT_RESP_MESSAGE}, #state{collect_ref=Ref
+ ,agent_wrapup_time=AgentWrapup
}=State) ->
lager:debug("done waiting for agents to respond, picking a winner"),
case pick_winner(CRs, Strategy, StrategyState) of
{Winner, Monitors, Rest, StrategyState1} ->
lager:debug("winner chosen: ~s", [wh_json:get_value(<<"Agent-ID">>, Winner)]),
- acdc_queue:member_connect_win(Srv, Winner, AgentTimeout, CallerExitKey),
- _ = [acdc_queue:member_connect_monitor(Srv, M, CallerExitKey)
+ acdc_queue:member_connect_win(Srv, Winner, AgentTimeout, AgentWrapup, CallerExitKey),
+ _ = [acdc_queue:member_connect_monitor(Srv, M, AgentWrapup, CallerExitKey)
|| M <- Monitors
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