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WHISTLE-1461: if the username has changed in a POST to /users/userid,…

… check that the password is on the request data, and that it hashes to the currently stored value of the hash. If both are true, allow the username to be updated
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James Aimonetti
James Aimonetti committed Sep 24, 2012
1 parent 944caa9 commit 569e2d873bfeee087ddca3beddf13877842a493c
Showing with 39 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +39 −3 whistle_apps/apps/crossbar/src/modules/cb_users.erl
@@ -185,7 +185,43 @@ update_user(UserId, #cb_context{req_data=Data}=Context) ->
E = wh_json:set_value([<<"username">>, <<"unique">>], <<"Username is not unique for this account">>, wh_json:new()),
crossbar_util:response_invalid_data(E, Context);
{pass, JObj} ->
crossbar_doc:load_merge(UserId, JObj, Context)
check_username_password(UserId, JObj, Context)
check_username_password(UserId, ReqJObj, Context) ->
case crossbar_doc:load(UserId, Context) of
#cb_context{resp_status=success, doc=Doc}=Context1 ->
case wh_json:get_value(<<"username">>, Doc) =:= wh_json:get_value(<<"username">>, ReqJObj) of
true -> crossbar_doc:merge(ReqJObj, Doc, Context1); % username hasn't changed, continue
false ->
%% request is trying to change the username
check_password(ReqJObj, Doc, Context1)
Context1 -> Context1
check_password(ReqJObj, Doc, Context) ->
case wh_json:get_value(<<"password">>, ReqJObj) of
undefined ->
E = wh_json:set_values([{[<<"password">>, <<"required">>], <<"Current password is required when changing the username">>}
], wh_json:new()),
crossbar_util:response_invalid_data(E, Context);
Pass ->
lager:debug("username is changed, checking password"),
Username = wh_json:get_value(<<"username">>, Doc),
SHA1 = wh_json:get_value(<<"pvt_sha1_auth">>, Doc),
case cb_modules_util:pass_hashes(Username, Pass) of
{_, SHA1} ->
lager:debug("password in request matches current hash"),
crossbar_doc:merge(ReqJObj, Doc, Context);
_ ->
lager:debug("password and old username results in different hash"),
E = wh_json:set_values([{[<<"password">>, <<"update">>], <<"Request password does not match current password">>}
], wh_json:new()),
crossbar_util:response_invalid_data(E, Context)
@@ -209,9 +245,9 @@ normalize_view_results(JObj, Acc) ->
hash_password(#cb_context{doc=JObj}=Context) ->
Username = wh_json:get_value(<<"username">>, JObj),
case wh_json:get_value(<<"password">>, JObj) of
undefined ->
undefined -> Context;
Password ->
lager:debug("password set on doc, updating hashes for ~s", [Username]),
{MD5, SHA1} = cb_modules_util:pass_hashes(Username, Password),
JObj1 = wh_json:set_values([{<<"pvt_md5_auth">>, MD5}

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