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WHISTLE-952: added "recoding was to short" prompt for use with vm mes…

…sages and greetings
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commit 657e31e379c976807304e94f24b2c5cee7c8995d 1 parent a505f9a
bitbashing authored February 13, 2012
1  confs/system_media/prompts.txt
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ vm-person: The person at extension
27 27
 vm-not_available: is not available.
28 28
 vm-no_messages: Mailbox is empty.
29 29
 vm-message_number: Message
+vm-recording_to_short: The recording was too short to be saved.
30 31
31 32
 menu-no_prompt: The recording for this menu has not been created. If you know the pin number, dial it now to record the prompt.  Otherwise, please try your call again later. Thank you.
32 33
 menu-transferring_call: Transferring your call.
BIN  confs/system_media/vm-recording_to_short.wav
Binary file not shown

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