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WHISTLE-42: Darren's start_everything script

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1 parent a5ac89c commit 668b097ac4cd859b3cb53e8609009cb435135c59 @jamesaimonetti jamesaimonetti committed Feb 6, 2013
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+#! /bin/bash
+# Start Rabbit
+start rabbitmq-server
+# Start HAProxy
+start haproxy
+# Start BigCouch (alternative is "service bigcouch start")
+bluepill load /etc/bluepill/bigcouch.pill
+bluepill bigcouch start
+# Start WhApps (alternative is "service whapps start", bluepill just auto-restarted if there's an issue)
+bluepill load /etc/bluepill/whapps.pill
+bluepill whapps start
+# Start FreeSWITCH (alternative is "service freeswitch start")
+bluepill load /etc/bluepill/freeswitch.pill
+bluepill freeswitch start
+# Start Ecallmgr
+bluepill load /etc/bluepill/ecallmgr.pill
+bluepill ecallmgr start
+echo "All done."
+echo "Put your hostnames in /opt/kazoo/ at the top, and run it to make sure everything is really up. IGNORE anything that says UNKNOWN, that means it's not tracked yet."

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