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+Kazoo Community Getting Started Guide
+### Who Can Contribute?
+Everyone can!
+### Do I have to know Erlang?
+Of course not! We have many different places where folks can chip in time. These include (but aren't limited to):
+* Maintaining and expanding the [wiki](
+* Blogging, tweeting, and other forms of publicizing your usage of and love for the platform, code, company, community, etc.
+* Join us in real time and help other community members:
+ * on IRC (#2600hz on Freenode)
+ * our [Users mailing list](!forum/2600hz-users)
+ * our [Developers mailing list](!forum/2600hz-dev)
+ * our [Forum](
+* Contribute scripts to the [community repo](
+* Help with building RPMs, DEBs, and other system packages
+* Help with Chef, bluepill, and other OPS-related tasks
+* Browse the open [Issues]( and test bugs to see if they're valid
+### I know other languages! Can I still help code?
+#### Programming-related help
+* Check out our [GUI]( and write some Javascript.
+* Check out our REST APIs and write SDKs in your favorite languages
+* Check out our Pivot APIs and write SDKs in your favorite languages
+* Check out our AMQP APIs and write your own whapps on your Kazoo install
+* Write some automated testing tools for testing the APIs
+* Write some SIPp test scripts to test the full stack
+#### Non-English Language help
+Translation efforts are always appreciated. We're working on redesigning how our back- and front-ends handle the world's languages and hope to make it easy to contribute translations. Stay tuned for more; please let us know of your interest and be sure to join the mailing lists so you can receive announcements regarding internationalization efforts.
+### I know (or am learning) Erlang! How do I help with Kazoo?
+* Clone the repo
+* Squash a bug, build a feature, etc
+* Issue a pull request

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