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WHISTLE-42: fix for one legged semi-transfer

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commit bdee0b196728b862b94bd129ffa5862ffba9d4a6 1 parent 339f791
@k-anderson k-anderson authored
Showing with 2 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +2 −6 ecallmgr/src/ecallmgr_call_control.erl
8 ecallmgr/src/ecallmgr_call_control.erl
@@ -325,18 +325,14 @@ handle_cast({transferer, _}, #state{callid=CallId, controller_q=ControllerQ}=Sta
{stop, normal, State};
handle_cast({transferee, JObj}, #state{other_legs=Legs, node=Node, callid=PrevCallId, self=Self}=State) ->
lager:debug("this call control process is a transferee, updating call id..."),
- NewCallId = case {wh_json:get_value(<<"Bridge-With">>, JObj), wh_json:get_value(<<"Transferee-UUID">>, JObj)} of
- {undefined, CallId} -> CallId;
- {CallId, _} -> CallId
- end,
- case NewCallId of
+ case wh_json:get_value(<<"Transferee-UUID">>, JObj) of
undefined ->
lager:debug("could not determin new call id"),
{noreply, State};
PrevCallId ->
lager:debug("new callid is the same as the old callid"),
{noreply, State};
- _Else ->
+ NewCallId ->
spawn(fun() -> publish_callid_update(PrevCallId, NewCallId, queue_name(Self)) end),
lager:debug("updating callid from ~s to ~s", [PrevCallId, NewCallId]),
put(callid, NewCallId),
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