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WHISTLE-1441: update init to handle account creation

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1 parent 7edb76b commit c19216d78a0d34ed6c57d806f96a6b3b2e61236a @jamesaimonetti jamesaimonetti committed Nov 27, 2012
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30 doc/init_kazoo.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Completely brand new DB setup.
+Completely brand new setup, no DBs, nothing.
** Start whistle_apps:
@@ -49,3 +49,31 @@ FreeSWITCH server.
"load": "mod_sofia"
+** Alias the SUP command
+alias sup="/path/to/kazoo/utils/sup/sup"
+You may want to put this in your .bash_profile or other appropriate place
+** Init all the known DBs, views, settings, etc
+#> sup whapps_maintenance refresh
+Refreshes system DBs
+#> sup whapps_maintenance migrate
+Migrates any old documents/dbs to the latest versions needed (run this anytime you update Kazoo)
+** Create First Crossbar Account
+#> sup crossbar_maintenance create_account <ACCOUNT NAME> <SIP REALM> <USERNAME> <PASSWORD>
+If this is the first account on the system, you should see output similar to:
+created new account '527e656299197bae67d1e8f99bfad075' in db 'account%2F52%2F7e%2F656299197bae67d1e8f99bfad075'
+created new account admin user '5def7c9107240e615ea2a8164598bffa'
+promoted account '527e656299197bae67d1e8f99bfad075', this account now has permission to change system settings
+allowing account '527e656299197bae67d1e8f99bfad075' to added numbers
+** Try logging into your Kazoo GUI
+You may need to enable apps in your toolbar

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