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Commits on Feb 4, 2012
  1. @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-788: create a trunkstore-style doc and check for it first (un…

    jamesaimonetti committed
    …til crossbar writes to the limits doc)
  2. @jamesaimonetti
  3. @jamesaimonetti
  4. @jamesaimonetti
  5. @jamesaimonetti
  6. @jamesaimonetti
  7. @jamesaimonetti
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @k-anderson
  2. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: update the more of the specs, and ensure the error that …

    k-anderson committed
    …is ending a wait is appropriate to that wait (ie previous errors dont stop current apps, ect)
  3. @k-anderson
  4. @k-anderson
  5. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: spelling error

    k-anderson committed
  6. @k-anderson
  7. @k-anderson
  8. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: this is redundant, if it fails it throws and will be in …

    k-anderson committed
    …the SASL log, if it succeeds then we get the publish log line
  9. @k-anderson
  10. @k-anderson
  11. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: send unsolicited CHANNEL_DESTROY events to ensure all pa…

    k-anderson committed
    …rties are informed when channels go down
  12. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: accept unsolicited CHANNEL_DESTROY from fs_node as we ar…

    k-anderson committed
    …e not reliabling receiving them from mod_erlang_event anymore, and include the message length in post-record events
  13. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: refactor post-hangup events to ensure that any commands …

    k-anderson committed
    …that can not be run create an error message (thereby advancing waiting whapps)
  14. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-824: throw if there is an error, print a better description t…

    k-anderson committed
    …o fs logs, and do not send the error event from this module
  15. @jamesaimonetti
  16. @jamesaimonetti
  17. @jamesaimonetti
  18. @jamesaimonetti
  19. @jamesaimonetti
  20. @jamesaimonetti
  21. @jamesaimonetti
  22. @jamesaimonetti
  23. @jamesaimonetti
  24. @jamesaimonetti
  25. @jamesaimonetti
  26. @jamesaimonetti
  27. @jamesaimonetti
  28. @jamesaimonetti
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