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Commits on Jul 21, 2015
  1. @lazedo

    KAZOO-1241 handle text/json

    lazedo authored
  2. @lazedo
  3. @lazedo
  4. @lazedo
  5. @lazedo
Commits on Jul 20, 2015
  1. @macpie

    Merge pull request #1158 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3810

    macpie authored
    KAZOO-3810: normalize result and reduce the queries required
  2. @k-anderson
  3. @k-anderson
  4. @k-anderson
  5. @Dinkor @k-anderson

    KAZOO-3439: cf_route_win after apply prepend_cid_* remove its from ca…

    Dinkor authored k-anderson committed
    …ll kvs.
Commits on Jul 17, 2015
  1. @k-anderson
  2. @k-anderson
  3. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #1150 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3965

    k-anderson authored
    KAZOO-3965: use latest cb_context API
  4. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #1058 from siplabs/KAZOO-3594

    k-anderson authored
    KAZOO-3774: get list_entries vcard
  5. @siplabs

    start metaflow for external callee

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I4fdaa61eff174e40d95df9b63616f5d2da821590
  6. @siplabs

    start metaflows for external caller

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I2b06435c43d22bd2fa5c0026a1a800cf239ac8c8
  7. @siplabs

    listen for DTMF from b-leg on outbound call

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: Id3d4e95463f85523782124586b03e1f3d2ba6fca
  8. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #1154 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3810

    k-anderson authored
    Kazoo 3810 - listing by descendants
Commits on Jul 16, 2015
  1. @jamesaimonetti

    Merge branch 'gateway_register' of in…

    jamesaimonetti authored
    …to Dinkor-gateway_register
  2. @siplabs

    cf_cidlistmatch: using new lists

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: Ia56df97fc4ddcc6a5db20f216a6e85a5864898ed
  3. @siplabs

    lists: migration

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: Iff6afcba608fab60de8246c0a100b497d2127cf1
  4. @siplabs

    added cb_lists_v2

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I79e8fe0adb3dbc1f1d74732f62de19cf9e5af62c
  5. @siplabs

    renamed cb_lists => cb_lists_v1, using new schemas

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I455a10a64129623447c2959aa2bb164510c93e67
  6. @siplabs

    added application/crossbar/doc/

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: Ic3a887f2679dc7fb7ec63165430ff81d3b5b42ee
  7. @siplabs

    lists: new schemas and views

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I8c142010042c7a0597345f6b1fd787b8c031ec1f
  8. @siplabs

    unit tests for kzd_user

    siplabs authored
    Change-Id: I0733d44c1136581a37b18c21d73248c2f8a09102
  9. @jamesaimonetti
  10. @jamesaimonetti
  11. @jamesaimonetti
  12. @jamesaimonetti

    KAZOO-3810: fix view

    jamesaimonetti authored
  13. @jamesaimonetti
  14. @k-anderson
Commits on Jul 15, 2015
  1. @Dinkor

    Add Auth-Username

    Dinkor authored
Commits on Jul 14, 2015
  1. @jamesaimonetti

    KAZOO-3947: add spec

    jamesaimonetti authored
  2. @jamesaimonetti
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