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Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @lazedo
  2. @k-anderson
  3. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #987 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3495

    k-anderson authored
    Kazoo 3495
  4. @k-anderson

    KAZOO-3495: rider

    k-anderson authored
  5. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #988 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3591

    k-anderson authored
    KAZOO-3591 log no attachments
  6. @lazedo

    KAZOO-3591 log no attachments

    lazedo authored
    KAZOO-3590 return permanent error
  7. @fenollp

    KAZOO-3495: moar cleansing

    fenollp authored
  8. @lazedo
  9. @lazedo
  10. @fenollp

    KAZOO-3495: add a unique order_id to (same) transactions

    fenollp authored
    Also fix charging in maybe_charge_billing_id/2
  11. @fenollp
  12. @fenollp

    KAZOO-3495: some cleansing

    fenollp authored
  13. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #973 from 2600hz/run-tests

    k-anderson authored
    Run tests
  14. @k-anderson

    Merge pull request #986 from 2600hz/KAZOO-3588

    k-anderson authored
    KAZOO-3588: properly setup the whapps_call_command for IgnoreForward
  15. @k-anderson
  16. @jamesaimonetti
  17. @jamesaimonetti
  18. @jamesaimonetti
  19. @jamesaimonetti

    KAZOO-3499: formatting

    jamesaimonetti authored
  20. @jamesaimonetti
  21. @jamesaimonetti

    KAZOO-3499: fix spec

    jamesaimonetti authored
  22. @jamesaimonetti
  23. @lazedo

    KAZOO-3499 more pr comments

    lazedo authored
  24. @lazedo

    KAZOO-3499 pr comments

    lazedo authored
  25. @lazedo
  26. @fenollp
Commits on Apr 27, 2015
  1. @jamesaimonetti
  2. @jamesaimonetti
  3. @macpie

    KAZOO-3504: Use kz_notification

    macpie authored
  4. @macpie
  5. @macpie
  6. @jamesaimonetti
  7. @jamesaimonetti

    KAZOO-3540: add spec

    jamesaimonetti authored
  8. @jamesaimonetti
  9. @jamesaimonetti
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