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tag: v1.54.4
Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. updating VERSION file

    Jenkins authored
  2. WHISTLE-42: update to maintenance migrate script

    Jon Blanton authored
  3. WHISTLE-1006: Let's try this again. Added the ability to remove plus …

    Jon Blanton authored
    …from caller id.
  4. WHISTLE-1251: version 1 of the whitelabel API

    Jon Blanton authored
  5. bitbashing
  6. bitbashing
  7. bitbashing
Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. bitbashing
  2. bitbashing
  3. bitbashing
  4. bitbashing
  5. bitbashing
  6. bitbashing
  7. James Aimonetti
  8. James Aimonetti

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/WHISTLE-856' into WHISTLE-856

    jamesaimonetti authored
  9. James Aimonetti
  10. James Aimonetti
  11. James Aimonetti
  12. James Aimonetti
  13. James Aimonetti
  14. James Aimonetti
  15. James Aimonetti
  16. James Aimonetti
  17. James Aimonetti
  18. James Aimonetti
  19. James Aimonetti
  20. James Aimonetti
  21. James Aimonetti
  22. James Aimonetti
  23. bitbashing James Aimonetti
  24. bitbashing James Aimonetti
  25. bitbashing James Aimonetti

    WHISTLE-788: track per-minute seperately

    k-anderson authored jamesaimonetti committed
  26. bitbashing James Aimonetti

    WHISTLE-788: completion of the billing component

    k-anderson authored jamesaimonetti committed
  27. bitbashing James Aimonetti

    WHISTLE-788: refactor the relationship between authz and rating, use …

    k-anderson authored jamesaimonetti committed
    …session_heartbeat to debit per-minute calls
  28. bitbashing James Aimonetti
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