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Tag: v1.55.6
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. updating VERSION file

    Jenkins authored
  2. @k-anderson
  3. @k-anderson
  4. @k-anderson

    WHISTLE-42: update to use io:format for better readablity when using …

    k-anderson authored
    …the sup tool -- jon figured this out, ty
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @k-anderson
  2. @k-anderson
  3. @k-anderson
  4. @jamesaimonetti
  5. @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-1121: add support for setting Terminators to <<"none">> to cl…

    jamesaimonetti authored
    …ear what terminators end playback (makes it explicit).
  6. @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-995: if the updating of the conference fails (retry limit, am…

    jamesaimonetti authored
    …ong other reasons), hang the caller up
Commits on Jun 14, 2012
  1. @jamesaimonetti
  2. @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-975: Javascript's parseInt/1 treats numbers prepended with a …

    jamesaimonetti authored
    …'0' as implicit base-8. Include the radix 10 in all calls to force parseInt("08", 10) =:= 8.
  3. @jamesaimonetti
  4. @jamesaimonetti
  5. @jamesaimonetti
  6. @k-anderson
  7. @k-anderson
  8. @jamesaimonetti
  9. @k-anderson @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-1225: final tweaks for QA

    k-anderson authored jamesaimonetti committed
  10. @k-anderson @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-42: futher tweaks for onboarding

    k-anderson authored jamesaimonetti committed
  11. @jamesaimonetti
  12. @k-anderson
  13. @k-anderson
  14. @jamesaimonetti
  15. @jamesaimonetti
  16. @jamesaimonetti
  17. @k-anderson
  18. @k-anderson
  19. @k-anderson
  20. @k-anderson
  21. @k-anderson
  22. @jamesaimonetti
  23. @jamesaimonetti
  24. @jamesaimonetti

    WHISTLE-1186: fix couchbeam_view when getting all_design_docs to incl…

    jamesaimonetti authored
    …ude querystring params in the options list instead of directly in the path
  25. @k-anderson
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