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Create the media files one by one in BigCouch like so..

sup whistle_media_maintenance import_prompt /opt/kazoo/system_media/dir-enter_person_lastname.wav en-us

or import it all at once like

sup whistle_media_maintenance import_prompts /opt/kazoo/system_media/en-us/ en-us
sup whistle_media_maintenance import_prompts /opt/kazoo/system_media/fr-ca/ fr-ca

This is documented here for convenience, but more information is available in the docs.

If you run the script over and over it will overwrite the meta records and media already in bigcouch.

You must(should) install English "en-us" *plus* other languages if you want to avoid troubles and save debugging time.  Kazoo will eventually always fallback to English if everythign else fails.

Please note the media_import tool is depreciated and specifically is not multi language aware.  Use it at your own risk in 3.18 and beyond.

If anyone needs help with making new simplistic "language packs" you can contact or the usual sources!

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