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Monster UI Application: Manage multi-tenant account hierarchy and configuration


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Monster UI Accounts

This is a sub application of 2600hz/monster-ui that manages multi-tenant account hierarchy and configuration.

Getting Started


Have 2600hz/monster-ui set up.


Clone the monster-ui-accounts repository into /monster-ui/src/apps/ such as:

$ cd monster-ui/src/apps/
$ git clone accounts

Then the gulp workflow for 2600hz/monster-ui can be applied for this new app.

Running the tests

Selenium IDE tests

A Selenium IDE test project is included under the folder tests. It contains a suite of tests that represent a happy path for the account wizard.

To run the test cases contained in this project, you have two options: run it via the Selenium IDE browser extension, or via the command line runner.

Run tests via the Selenium IDE

For this option the Selenium IDE extension should be installed in a supported web browser.

Upon launching the IDE you will be presented with a dialog where you can choose the option Open an existing project, to search and open the test project file in your computer.

Then you can play the tests cases back in the IDE by selecting the test or suite you'd like to play and clicking the play button in the menu bar above the test editor. This will play the tests in a browser window.

Run tests via the command line runner

For this option you need to install the Selenium IDE command-line runner, and the driver for the browser of your choice.

Once everything is installed, the tests can be run by calling selenium-side-runner from the command-line followed by the path to the project file.

$ selenium-side-runner tests/wizard.side