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Jake is a build tool similar to Make and Rake, but written in and for JavaScript. It's a port of Ruby's Rake, which is inspired by the classic [Make](\)) tool.

Currently it runs on the Narwhal server-side JavaScript platform, but is intended to support any compliant CommonJS system as it matures.


The API is very similar to the Rake API, though with JavaScript syntax.

  • jake.task(name, [dependencies], [action])

Declares a task called "name", with an optional array of dependent tasks, and optional function to perform.

  • jake.file(path, [dependencies], [action])

Like task, but only runs the action if the target file ("name") doesn't exist or was last modified before at least on dependency.

  • jake.filedir(path, [dependencies], action)

TODO: better API docs

Example "Jakefile"

var jake = require("jake");

// prints "default":
jake.task("default", function(t) {

// runs tasks "bar" and "baz"
jake.task("foo", ["bar", "baz"]);

// only runs if "bar" is older than "bar.source" or non-existant
jake.file("bar", ["bar.source"], function() {
    // stuff to compile "bar.source" to "bar"

// does nothing

Example Usage

# runs "default" task if no task names are given

# runs "bar", "baz" dependent tasks, then "foo" task
jake foo

# runs "bar", "baz", "foo", and "default" tasks
jake foo default