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A Kohana 3 port of Doru Moisa's kogeoip module that provides access to MaxMind's GeoIP database.
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GeoIP3 is a Kohana 3 port of Doru Moisa's 2.3.x module. Ported by Ryder Ross. 01/29/2010


  • Download the GeoLite City database Download
  • If you wish to use the shared memory functions in PHP, you must compile PHP with the --enable-shmop parameter in your configure CAUTION: The Shared Memory functions were not tested when I ported Doru's module to Kohana 3.


  1. Unpack the module in the modules folder
  2. Unpack the GeoLiteCity.dat file downloaded in the prerequisites section, step 1, into the geoip3/database folder
  3. Enable the module in your bootstrap file by adding the following element to the Kohana::modules array:

    MODPATH.'geoip3', // MAXMIND Kohana3 GeoIP Library

  4. (Optional) Edit the geoip3/config/geoip3.php file if you wish to customize the module


    $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

    echo Geoip3::instance()->city($ip)."<br/>";
    // will return the city name  

    $mode = 'geo';
    echo Geoip3::instance()->coord($ip, $mode)."<br/>";
    // will return the geographical coords
    // $mode can be one of the following:
    // 'geo-dms' - will return the coords in degree/minute/second format
    // 'geo-dec' - will return the coords in a decimal format 
    // 'geo'     - will return the raw coords

    echo Geoip3::instance()->city_info($ip)."<br/>"; 
    // will return a nice formatted string consisting in the city name and 
    //geo-dms coords between brackets

    $property = 'region';
    echo Geoip3::instance()->property($property, $ip)."<br/>";
    // will retrieve a specified property associated with an ip address 
    // from the maxmind database. to get a list of possible property names,
    // see the geoiprecord class from geoip3/vendor/maxmind/geoipcity.php

    // returns an object with all the information in the maxmind database
    // related to an ip address, or null


  • This will not work or will return null on mallformed or special ip addresses, like
  • Any suggestions are welcome. Please report bugs to
  • A special thank you to Doru Moisa for providing the initial kohana module.
  • The original project can be found here
  • The Shared Memory functions were not tested when I ported Doru's module to Kohana 3.
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