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Open in IIIF Viewer

A Firefox/Chrome extension to open IIIF manifest link in your favorite IIIF viewer.

(This browser extension is formerly named “Open IIIF Manifest Link in Favorite Viewer.”)


  • Firefox
    • Install (signed by Mozilla)
    • If you use Firefox ESR 52, please set to true in about:config.
  • Google Chrome


When the web page you are browsing contains a link to a IIIF manifest, by clicking on the toolbar button of this extension, you can open the link in the IIIF viewer specified on the options page.


By right-clicking on a link to the IIIF manifest, a context menu item “Open link in IIIF viewer” appears, which allows you to open the link in your preferred IIIF viewer.



On the options page, set the URL field depending on the particular IIIF viewer you want to use.

Note that IIIF viewers hosted on HTTPS servers cannot display IIIF manifests hosted on HTTP servers.

For example:

  • Open in IIIF Curation Viewer (default)
  • Open in Mirador 2 (thanks to Kiyonori Nagasaki)
  • Open in Mirador 3
  • Open in Universal Viewer v2
  • Open in Universal Viewer v3
  • Open in Universal Viewer v4
  • Open as JSON
    • Leave the URL setting field blank.


Also, you can set a more complex pattern containing placeholders {manifest_URI} and {canvas_URI}.

For example:

  • Open in IIIF Curation Viewer
  • Open in Mirador
  • Open in Universal Viewer


On some web pages, the extension cannot recognize links to IIIF manifests or may misrecognize links to non-IIIF manifests.

This uncertainty is reduced if the IIIF community specifies (or recommends) the machine-readable patterns for a link to a IIIF manifest. See a proposal.

The brief list of IIIF websites on which the extension works or not is as follows.

Website Works? Example
Biblissima Yes test
Bodleian Libraries Yes14 test
Cambridge University Library Yes test
Digital Vatican Library Yes test
e-codices Yes test
Europeana Yes3 test
Gallica Yes3 test
Harvard Art Museums Yes test
Heidelberg University Library Yes test
Internet Archive Yes3 test
J. Paul Getty Museum Yes test
Qatar Digital Library Yes test
Stanford Libraries Yes/Yes test/test
UCLA Library Yes test
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library Yes test
Wellcome Library Yes4 test
World Digital Library Yes test
Yale Center for British Art Yes test


IIIF Websites in Japan

Website Works? Example
National Diet Library Digital Collections (NDL) Yes test
Database of Pre-modern Japanese Text (CODH) Yes test
Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works (NIJL) Yes test
Collection for Study of the Japanese Language History (NINJAL) Yes2 test
Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries Yes test
Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Yes test
University of Tokyo Library System Yes test
Shimane University Library Digital Archive Collection Yes test
Kyushu University Collections Yes test


1: Though the tooltip of the toolbar button is not updated in real-time, clicking on the button will open the correct manifest.

2: Use a context menu item “Open link in IIIF viewer” as needed.

3: Ad-hoc support.

4: It used to work, but as of July 2022, it no longer works due to changes on the site.


A Firefox/Chrome extension to open IIIF manifest link in your favorite IIIF viewer.







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