@2acoin 2acoin released this Dec 2, 2018

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2ACoin - Production Release.

Special Notes

Network Fork
Upgrade to this release is Mandatory by block 120,000!
Please update your software before block 120,000 to ensure you remain synced with the network.

This release includes a revision to the MIXIN restrictions for the network. Take the time to read through the following release notes to understand how you may be impacted by this release.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • [REVISION] Modify restrictions to MIXIN settings

How To Sync Quickly

In 2ACoin v1.1.0 we introduced the ability to sync a fresh chain from block 0 much quicker by loading "checkpoints" with your 2ACoind daemon.

Here are the steps to sync via checkpoints;

  • download the latest checkpoints.csv (coming soon)
  • place checkpoints.csv in the same folder as your 2ACoind daemon
  • run 2ACoind with checkpoints added like this:
    Linux, Apple ./2ACoind --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
    Windows 2ACoind.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv

How To Upgrade from an Older Version

(windows, mac, linux)

  1. Run the old 2ACoind to fully sync your chain
  2. with the old 2ACoind fully synced, open zedwallet
  3. With zedwallet open, export_keys your SPEND and VIEW keys, this is important.
    • If you are in windows, right click the titlebar of the CMD window and select EDIT then MARK so be able to copy and paste your keys.
  4. Unzip the new 2acoin files into a NEW FOLDER outside of the old version folder
  5. Close the old version folder 2ACoind and zedwallet by typing exit into each window
  6. Run the new 2ACoind
  7. Run the new zedwallet
  8. Press I for IMPORT in zedwallet
  9. Enter your spend_key and your view_key from step 3
  10. Use any filename for the wallet name, it does not have to be the same
  11. Use any password for wallet password, it does not have to be the same as the last
  12. Your wallet is now updated

RPC API Changes

Developers seeking to integrate the zedwallet or 2acoin-service daemons into their applications should note this crucial change.

Mandatory authentication has been added to the JSON RPC API interfaces of zedwallet and 2acoin-service. To maintain backwards compatibility with old services, the --rpc-legacy-security flag has been introduced to allow password-less access to the RPC.

However, all new applications going forward should make use of the --rpc-password flag to enable authentication of JSON RPC queries.

To pass the password to the RPC interface, add an additional field password to the JSON object:

	"jsonrpc": "2.0",
	"method": "transfer",
	"params": {},
	"password": "<the password>"

How To Compile

Ubuntu 16.xx LTS


You will need the following packages; boost (1.55 or higher), rocksdb, cmake, git ,gcc (4.9 or higher), g++ (4.9 or higher), make, and python. Most of these should already be installed on your system.

However, if they are not. You can install with this command;

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential python-dev gcc g++ git cmake libboost-all-dev librocksdb-dev


Within an updated Ubuntu server perform the following;

- git clone https://github.com/2acoin/2acoin
- cd 2acoin
- mkdir build && cd $_
- cmake ..
- make

Windows 10


  • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • When installing Visual Studio, it is absolutely important you install C++ capabilities, and the vc++ v140 toolchain when selecting features. You will need this for cmake, MSBuild and other commands.
  • Install Boost 1.59.0, ensure to download the installer for MSVC 14.


Use the start menu or similar to open 'x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for vs2017' command prompt.

- cd <your 2acoin directory>
- mkdir build
- cd build
- set PATH="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\CMake\CMake\bin";%PATH%
- cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 Win64" .. -DBOOST_ROOT=D:/Boost/boost_1_59_0 (or your installed directory)
- MSBuild 2ACoin.sln /p:Configuration=Release

At this point, this will create a .sln file in the 'build' directory. Open this .sln in Visual Studio 2017 and click 'Build Solution' under the 'Build' Menu Item.
If all went well, it will complete successfully, and you will find all your binaries in the '..\build\src\Debug' directory, or the '..\build\src\Release' directory if you built with release enabled.



  • Install cmake. See here if you are unable call cmake from the terminal after installing.
  • Install the boost libraries. Either compile boost manually or run brew install boost
  • Install XCode and Developer Tools.


git clone https://github.com/2acoin/2acoin
cd 2acoin
mkdir build && cd $_
cmake .. (or cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=<path_to_boost_install> .. when building from a specific boost install)

All Systems

Once compilation is successful. The binaries will be located in ./src under your build location.


See the 2ACoin Release page for the full change history.

Kudo's and Acknowledgements

2ACoin Developers, TurtleCoin Developers, Cryptonote Developers, Bytecoin Developers, Forknote Project, and the 2ACoin Community.