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2ACoin - v2.1.5

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@2acoin 2acoin released this 03 Jan 22:16

2ACoin - Production Release.


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Special Notes

End of Life (EOL) Notice
Please note that v2.1.x are the last releases to contain 2acoin-service. Releases after v2.1.x will no longer contain the 2acoin-service binaries and the code will be removed. The next release will not contain 2acoin-service or any legacy WalletGreen dependencies. If you have not converted your wallet(s) and or services over to Proton, zedwallet, or wallet-api you are encouraged to do so soon. The next release will remove all legacy support for older wallets and the daemon API will be changed thus rendering 2acoin-service inoperable. Should you experience any issues working with wallet-api, please make sure that you open an issue so that the issue may be resolved as quickly as possible.

This also establishes the timeline for the End of Support (EOS) of 2acoin-service being the next release (v3.0.0). With the release of v3.0.0, 2acoin-service will no longer be supported or work with the core software.This release includes the replacement for legacy zedwallet. Legacy zedwallet has been replaced with zedwallet++ and all legacy zedwallet code has been removed. Please make sure that you have backed up your keys from legacy wallets, then upgrade them to the new format by using zedwallet, wallet-api, or wallet-upgrader in this release and ensure that you can access your wallets using the above tools.

Clarification: 2acoin-service is not being deprecated as part of this process. It will still be available until further notice specifically regarding that binary.

Full Node Resync May Be Required
The new version of 2acoin-service will require a full re-sync. If you are using 2acoin-service you will be required to re-sync your node or create a new wallet for v2.1.5.

If you encounter a message stating that your local blockchain cache is corrupted, please try the directions given (be patient, it may take a while). Or, you may resync your node from scratch.

To help speed up your sync, you may use checkpoints to help speed things up. (Review the steps on how to sync quickly below)

Release Notes

General Updates

  • Fix Boost Libraries (aarch64)
  • Fix Windows compilation issues
  • Resolve changes with latest VisualStudio image

2ACoind Updates

  • Modify the list of SEED nodes
  • Update internal checkpoints
  • Update fork heights (future)
  • Extend software supported fork index

zedwallet Updates

  • N/A

2acoin-service Updates

  • N/A

wallet-api Updates

  • N/A

miner Updates

  • N/A

cryptotest Updates

  • N/A

wallet-upgrader (NEW)

  • N/A

How To Sync Quickly

Here are the steps to sync via checkpoints;

  • download the latest checkpoints.csv (
  • place checkpoints.csv in the same folder as your 2ACoind daemon
  • run 2ACoind with checkpoints added like this:
    Linux, Apple ./2ACoind --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
    Windows 2ACoind.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv

Compile / Installation##


We offer binary images of the latest releases here:

If you would like to compile yourself, read on.

How To Compile

Please see the How To Compile section of the project README for instructions on how to compile this release on your system.


See the 2ACoin Release page for the full change history.

Kudo's and Acknowledgements

2ACoin Developers, TurtleCoin Developers, Cryptonote Developers, Bytecoin Developers, Forknote Project, and the 2ACoin Community.