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utility for modularize key event.
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class ofApp : public ofBaseApp {
	ofxKeyEventManager manager;
	int value{0};
	void minus() { value--; };
	void setup() {
		manager.addListener('+', [this] { value++; }, "increment value");
		manager.addListener('-', std::bind(&ofApp::minus, this), "decrement value");
	void draw() {
		manager.draw(10, 10);
		// draw
		// '+': increment value
		// '-': decrement value



void setup(const std::string &name = "no name")

setup with name

  • name: manager's name

ofxKeyEventManager &addPressListener(int key, std::function<void()> callback, const std::string &description)

ofxKeyEventManager &addReleaseListener(int key, std::function<void()> callback, const std::string &description = "no description")

add listener for key with callback

  • key: char code

  • callback: is called when press/release key

  • description: event description

  • returns itself. can method chain.

ofxKeyEventManager &addListener(int key, std::function<void()> callback, const std::string &description)

same as addPressListener

bool removePressListener(int key)

bool removeReleaseListener(int key)

remove listener for key

  • key: char code

bool removeListener(int key)

same as removePressListener

void keyPressed(int key)

void keyReleased(int key)

call listener manually

void enable()

void disable()

void resume() // deprecated
void pause() // deprecated
  • enable/disable to listen event

isEnabled() const

  • return true if listen now else false

void enableDraw()

void disableDraw()

  • enable/disable draw()

bool isDrawNow() const

bool isDrawingNow() const // deprecated
  • get drawing status

mutePressListener(int key)

muteReleaseListener(int key)

unmutePressListener(int key)

unmuteReleaseListener(int key)

setMutePressing(int key, bool bMute)

setMuteReleasing(int key, bool bMute)

  • mute/unmute a specified press/release listener

isPressListenerMuted(int key) const

isReleaseListenerMuted(int key) const

  • get mute status for key given.

void draw(int x, int y) const

void draw(const ofVec2f &pos = ofVec2f()) const

draw descriptions

void drawWithRegisteredOrder(int x, int y) const

void drawWithRegisteredOrder(const ofVec2f &pos = ofVec2f()) const

draw descriptions with registered order

void drawPressKeyDescription(int key, float x, float y) const

void drawPressKeyDescription(int key, const ofVec2f &pos) const

void drawReleaseKeyDescription(int key, float x, float y) const

void drawReleaseKeyDescription(int key, const ofVec2f &pos) const

draw specified description for key given

void dump() const

dump out descriptions of listener that registered to all of ofxKeyEvent object to console.

Update history

2016/05/20 ver 0.0.2 release

  • many update
  • thx @nariakiiwatani

2016/05/03 ver 0.0.1 release

  • initial


MIT License.


  • ISHII 2bit [bufferRenaiss co., ltd.]
  • ishii[at]

At the last

Please create a new issue if there is a problem. And please throw a pull request if you have a cool idea!!

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