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ofxMessageChecker (OSX only)

read message data of




void setup(const string &computerUserName, int latestID = 0, bool bAutoUpdate = true, float updateInterval = 3.0f)

  • computerUseName : your account name i.e. /User/YourComputerUserName/
  • latestID : will read from this id
  • bAutoUpdate : if set false, you must call ofxMessageChecker::update() manually.
  • updateInterval : if bAutoUpdate is true then update() is called every updateInterval sec.

void update()

if you set disable auto update then you must call this method manually.

void enableAutoUpdate()

void disableAutoUpdate()

change auto update mode.

Notify Event

ofxMessageChecker will push event with ofxMessageChecker::gotMessage.

you can receive event, like this:

    ofAddListener(checker.gotMessage, this, &ofApp::gotMessageListener);

here, checker is instance of ofxMessageChecker, and ofApp::gotMessageListener is define as

void ofApp::gotMEssageListener(ofxMessageChecker::Message &m) {
	// some code

struct ofxMessageChecker::Mesage

  • int messageID : internal id
  • string message : message body
  • string userAccount : tel no. or mail address of message's sender
  • int timestamp : received date
  • bool hasAttachment : if this value is true then message has attachment
  • string attachmentPath : if hasAttachment is true then this contain path of attachment file

Update history

2015/02/26 ver 0.01 release


MIT License.


  • ISHII 2bit [bufferRenaiss co., ltd.]
  • ishii[at]

At the last

Please create new issue, if there is a problem. And please throw pull request, if you have a cool idea!!