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Receive data from Mio Alpha in openFrameworks (only OS X 10.7- / iOS 5-)
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How to use

  1. Add IOBluetooth.framework (or CoreBluetooth.framework on iOS) to your project
  2. Include ofxMioAlpha.h



  • void setup(ofxMioAlphaInterface *interface = NULL);

you can use interface, if you create custom callback reciver class that inherits ofxMioAlphaInterface. default is NULL, that means only ofxMioAlpha instance receives callback.

  • void addDeviceUUID(const string &uuid);

add uuid of Mio device that you want to connect. this uuid becomes the key to pull data from ofxMioAlpha instance and identifies data in receive callback.

  • bool startScan();

start to scan devices. true is returned when it succeeds.

  • void stopScan();

stop scanning the device.

  • void disconnect();

disconnect all devices.

  • vector getLatestHeartBeatsFromDevice(const string &uuid);

get latest heart rates receive from device that has uuid.

  • bool isConnectedToDevice(const string &uuid) const;

get latest connection status of device that has uuid.


this is abstract interface of callback receiver. you create class inherits this class, if you want to custom callback receiver.

  • virtual void receiveHeartRate(const string &uuid, int heartRate);
  • virtual void updateConnectionState(const string &uuid, bool isConnected);

Update history

ver 0.01 [beta] release

maybe buggy now...

ver 0.02 [beta] release

maybe corresponded to iOS.


MIT License.


Special Thanks

At the last

Please create new issue, if there is a problem.

And please throw pull request, if you have a cool idea!!

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