Wrapper of NSSpeechSynthesizer for OSX
Objective-C C++
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ofxVoiceSynthesizer (OSX)

How to use

  1. Add AppKit.framework to your project
  2. Add ofxVoiceSynthesizer & ofxObjective-C++Utility to your project and include ofxVoiceSynthesizer.h
  3. Rename all files have extention like .cpp to .mm / Or, open Project Setting -> TARGETS -> Build Phases -> Compile Sources, and add flag "-x objective-c++" for all file of .cpp


ofxObjective-C++Utility [https://github.com/2bbb/ofxObjective-C--Utility]



  • static vector getVoices()

return vector of voice names like com.apple.speech.synthesis.voice.kyoko

  • static getDefaultVoice()

return voice name of your system default

  • void setup(string voiceName, string successMessage, string failureMessage)

successMessage (default "ofxVoiceSysnthesizerSuccess") and failureMessage (default "ofxVoiceSysnthesizerFailure") is post by ofSendMessage when finish speaking with success or failure.

  • float getRate()
  • void setRate(float rate)

get/set speaking rate.

  • float getVolume()
  • void setVolume(float volume)

get/set speaking volume.

  • void speak(string text)

Start to speak text.

  • bool isSpeaking()

return true when speaking

  • void stopSpeaking()

Stop speaking.

Update history

2013/07/18 ver 0.01 beta release

  • Let's speak!!


MIT License.


  • ISHII 2bit [bufferRenaiss co., ltd.]
  • ishii[at]buffer-renaiss.com

At the last

Please create new issue, if there is a problem. And please throw pull request, if you have a cool idea!!