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docker-dev: Utilities to use Docker in development environments

docker-dev optimises Docker and Docker Compose for use on a developer's computer, making some common tasks easier than they would be otherwise.

Once you've cloned or downloaded this project, you can enable it by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc:

source /path-to-dockerdev/dockerdevrc


The following Bash scripts are included:


docker-dev wraps some Docker Compose subcommands in order to pass extra arguments. It's not opinionated about the structure of your Docker Compose file, and you can switch between docker-dev and docker-compose.

docker-dev supports autocompletion in a Bash session.

docker-dev build [EXTRA_ARGS...]

Wraps docker-compose build, and also:

  • Avoids leaving intermediate containers behind.
  • Pulls the latest version of any parent Docker images.
  • If an executable file called .dockerdev-prebuild exists in the current working directory, it'll be run before running docker-compose build (unless the executable fails).

docker-dev run [EXTRA_ARGS...]

Wraps docker-compose run to prevent leaving containers behind once the command ends.

docker-dev up [EXTRA_ARGS...]

Wraps docker-compose up and prevents leaving containers behind once the command ends and to exit once any of the services explicitly called exits.

docker-dev up2 [SERVICES...]

Experimental: This subcommand is expected to replace docker-dev up eventually, and it will be changed or simply removed in future releases.

This subcommand wraps docker-dev up and works around limitations in Docker Compose when the services you want to run depend on other services -- namely:

  • Logs from dependent services are output in the foreground.
  • Terminating the docker-dev process also terminates dependent services.
  • Likewise, when a dependent service terminates, all the other services and the parent process are terminated.

docker-dev down

Runs docker-compose down so that all the resources in the project are removed.


This command will remove all your Docker resources (e.g., containers, volumes), except for images created in the past week.