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2FA Directory API & Data

License Twitter Sponsor

2FA Directory is an open source project that aims to improve online security by providing a directory of websites and services that support two-factor authentication (2FA). Our community-driven platform allows anyone to contribute to the list, making it the most comprehensive directory of its kind.

Our hope is that this directory can aid consumers who are deciding between alternative services based on the security they offer for their customers. This project also serves as an indicator of general security efforts used on a site.

Contributing ✏️

2FA Directory is only possible thanks to community contributions. We welcome all contributions to the project.
If you would like to contribute, please read the entire guidelines in

This repository contains the directory data for 2FA Directory.
For the website frontend code, see 2factorauth/frontend.

Third party usage

We welcome anyone to use our data however we discourage scraping the data directly from this Git repository as changes we make might break your program. Instead we recommend you use our API.

We provide API access free of charge, however, the project does incur regular bills to maintain. Therefore, if you use the data for commercial purposes, please consider sponsoring us here on GitHub.

We always appreciate people letting us know how they use our data so please drop us a few lines about your project if you decide to use our API! 😊

License ⚖️

This code is distributed under the MIT license. For more info, read the LICENSE file distributed with the source code.