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2fast – Two Factor Authenticator Supporting TOTP

Sideload link

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other installation methode (not maintained by me) Chocolatey link

About 2fast

2fast (acronym for two factor authenticator supporting TOTP) is the first free, open source, two factor authenticator for Windows and other platforms with the ability to store the sensitive data encrypted at a place of your choice instead of a 3rd party cloud location.


  • Every data is stored in one single encrypted file
    • Encrypted with AES using a password-based key by PBKDF2
    • Possibility to send the data file to your colleges and friends to securely share logins
    • Easy backup & restore in one single file
  • Everything works local
    • No extra account, registration or login needed
    • No Internet connection needed except for WebDAV use
  • Synchronisation via a WebDAV server (e.g. ownCloud or Nextcloud) as storage location [currently in Beta]
  • Free for desktop OS / fee required for mobile OS
  • Open Source
  • Works on multiple platforms
    • Currently released for Windows 10+ (UWP)
    • under development (with Uno platform):
      • Android
      • iOS
      • Linux
      • macOS
  • Uses the widely accepted TOTP algorithm (RFC 6238)
    • Works with accounts from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal, etc.
  • Build with UNOversalTemplate as template


2fast Screenshot Login Screen 2fast Screenshot Account Screen




For Windows operating systems, install safely via Microsoft Store:

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If you prefer to install via command line, winget is recommend:

winget install 9P9D81GLH89Q

You can also install the app using Chocolatey (not maintained by me):

choco install 2fast

This project is not yet available in the Google Play store or the Apple app store. A mobile application is currently being worked on and will be announced when it is released in the respective stores.

Getting Started

The following steps will help if you want to contribute or work on the application.


  • Visual Studio 2022
    • Don't forget to select the Mobile development with .NET package in the installation process
    • .NET Multi-Platform App UI development
  • Windows 10, version >= 1809, October update 2018 (for the universal Windows application)
    • The latest Windows 10 SDK is required
  • Android, version >= 7.0 (for the Android application)
    • Remember to trust 3rd party Apps by enabling this in the Android developer settings if you want to build from source


  1. Clone this repository with all its submodules (HTTPS example)
git clone --recurse-submodules
  1. Open the .sln file with Visual Studio
    • The dependencies are automatically loaded by Visual Studio
  2. Start working and debugging!
    • Remember to select the correct start project and -platform before hitting the play button (e.g. x64 and UWP for the Universal Windows Application)


Feel free to fork the project, work in your personal branch and create a pull request or you simple interact in the issue section.

This is an open source project! Every contribution is greatly appreciated!


Distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License. See LICENSE for more information. A list of all used 3rd party libraries, images and information with their source and license can be found in the Dependencies of the app section in every installation. Current key-icon-logo by freepik @ flaticon.


UWP: The app does not use any own telemetry functions apart from the standardised telemetry functions by Microsoft (crashes, install from which country, versions in use, custom events etc.).


Project Link: //

Made with ♥ in Germany from jp-weber and mhellmeier