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Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi is an prototype test automation tool for Windows Store apps, tested on emulators and devices.

It is based on

How does it work

There are two parts: Winium.StoreApps.Driver and Winium.StoreApps.CodedUITestProject


  • Looped CodedUI test that gets deployed to selected emulator or device
  • Runs Socketserver that listens for automation commands (those commands correspond to JsonWireProtocol commands)


  • Selenium Remote WebDriver implementation
  • Listens for your test commands
  • Handles NewSession command
  • Start emulator or device and deploys your app
  • Deploys Winium.StoreApps.CodedUITestProject
  • Handles Quit command
  • Stops Winium.StoreApps.CodedUITestProject server
  • Proxies all commands (except NewSession and Quit) to Winium.StoreApps.CodedUITestProject

Winium.StoreApps vs Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi

Winium.StoreApps vs Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi

How to run test

  1. Build solution
  2. If you have Visual Studio different from 2013 or in non standard path, then replace VsTestConsolePath value in App.config with actual path to vstest.console.exe. Note: different versions of vs.test.console.exe might require different command line options, we tested prototype only against VS 2013.
  3. Optionally. Build and create store package (appx) for Winium.StoreApps.TestApp (if you want to run test against it)
  4. Run Winium.StoreApps.Driver
  5. Run tests (solution comes with samples)

Note: to run on devices you will need to setup your system as described in and use deviceIpAddress capability set to localhost.

We already support some basic commands:

  • NewSession
  • FindElement
  • FindChildElement
  • FindElements
  • FindChildElements
  • GetElementText
  • ClickElement
  • SendKeysToElement
  • SwitchToWindow
  • Close


Prototype of Winium.StoreApps driver using CodedUI. Implements JsonWireProtocol for automation of Windows Phone applications



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