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Android Demo project

The map is automatically centered according to points, but if points are not added, specify the starting position.

private static String START_GEO = "25.220317,55.232048,13";

Addition points through showMarkers function.

List<Marker> markers = new ArrayList<>();
markers.add(new Marker("70000001006275165", 25.263831, 55.288396));
markers.add(new Marker("70000001006186603", 25.260066, 55.285606));
markers.add(new Marker("70000001007008967", 25.24457, 55.318308));

Point pictures can be replaced.


Processing of a click on a point occurs in touchMarker function.

Processing of a click on a point occurs in touchMarker function
public void touchMarker(final String filialIds, final String lat, final String lon, final boolean isActive) {
    Toast.makeText(context, "Filial id is "+filialIds,Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

You can also add a custom image of another object.

private String prepareMarkerMessage(List<Marker> markers) {
    return getMarkersArray(markers) + "var lat;var lon;setMarkersAndAvatar(markers, 25.248772, 55.36103, '');";

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