Open-source tool for monitoring product quality.
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Badger Build Status

Badger - an open-source tool for monitoring product quality.


  • simple tests execution
  • collecting test results from different sources
  • the aggregation of results
  • beautiful graphics

Work with badger-api.


Development version | Deploy to Heroku

Clone repository:

   git clone
   cd badger

Install [npm] ( packages (also you need nodejs-legacy package): don't work with 5.x node currently, please use lts version of [node] (

   npm install

Run application:

   npm run dev

Now your web interface is available at http://localhost:5000/


backend is not required


  • Firefox browser
  • Java runtime

Run tests:

   npm run dev & npm run test

User guide

Your Badger and Badger-api deployed. If you want to try them and run tests, follow this guide.