Selenium-based tool for capturing and comparing screenshots.
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Selenium-based tool for capturing and comparing screenshots.


$ apt-get install python-opencv python-numpy
$ pip install thrift==0.9.0 selenium==2.34.0

Update python interface_implementation

Requires Apache Thrift

$ thrift -out common/core/interface_implementation --gen py:new_style common/config/dali.thrift

Build and use of python bindings

Directories explanation

  • common - common files with realization of thrift server, running core functions
    • config - thrift config for bindings generation
    • core - core functionality
  • py_bindings - python bindings for dali
  • tests - all the tests
    • core - core tests
    • py_bindings - python bindings tests

Create bindings

Requires Apache Thrift

To update python (core) binding just run:

$ thrift -out common/core/interface_implementation/ --gen py common/config/dali.thrift

To create custom bindings you should execute the following command:

$ thrift -out {lang_code}_bindings/ --gen {lang_code} common/config/dali.thrift

where {lang_code} from table:

lang_code lang
csharp C#
go Go
java Java
js Javascript
perl Perl
php PHP
rb Ruby

For getting more information about supported languages just run:

$ thrift -help