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Janitor - an open-source GC tool for docker images in DEIS environment.


  • Keeps the latest version of the application for quick rollback
  • Able to clean docker images inside deis-builder


Clone repository:

git clone
cd janitor

Edit REGISTRY and REGISTRY_PATH in makefile:

vim makefile

Build docker image:

make build

Push image to your docker registry

make push

Install systemd-unit on DEIS node. Templates in systemd directory.
Pre-change Environment='IMAGE=my/janitor' to you docker image path in systemd-unit.

ENV variables

Variable Description Default value
CRON_DAY day for cron job start *
CRON_WEEK week for cron job start *
CRON_DAY_OF_WEEK day of week for cron job start *
CRON_HOUR hour for cron job start *
CRON_MINUTE minute for cron job start 0
DELETE_IMAGES Remove docker image or not. 0 is no 0
VERSION_MAX_COUNT the number of releases to save application-specific images 3
DELETE_CONTAINERS Remove docker containers or not. 0 is no 0
CP_NODE True, if run on the ControlPlane node False
ETCD_HOST entrypoint for connection to etcd2 ''
DOCKER_URL entrypoint for connection to Docker 'unix:///var/run/docker.sock'
DOCKER_VERSION your version of Docker 'auto'
DOCKER_TIMEOUT timeout for connection to Docker 300

Default exclude images described in EXCLUDE_IMAGES_LIST. You can change it in

EXCLUDE_IMAGES_LIST = ['deis/(registry|publisher|builder|controller)',


Do not set the CP_NODE = True on Data Plane nodes. Because in this case, the janitor remove all docker images on the node.