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Core data access libraries with separate implementation of read and write stacks
C# PowerShell
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NuClear Aggregates Layer

NuClear is the set of 2GIS projects used internally and open for contribution

This repo contains source code of 3 logical packages - Storage, Aggregates and DI-package for composing them in runtime.

Stories in Ready

Jenkins Join the chat at

See sample app for usage details.

##Storage Basic abtractions for interactions with storages. Consists of separated Read and Write stacks.

There are two concrete imlementations - with Entity Framework 6, and with LinqToDB

TODO: present all storage abstractions and basic implementations

##Aggregates Basic abstractions for aggregate services implementations.

As well as Storage it contains readonly abstrations and abstrations for writings that must be invariant-safe.

TODO: present all storage abstractions

##DI-package There is runtime factories and processors used for search and register storage and aggregate services implementations with Unity

TODO: present how these factories works


If you have a question please feel free to ask in gitter or by email

If you have found a bug or have a feature-request, use issues.

Code changes could be provided via pull request

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