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An app to import unittest autotests into TestRail.

Command Line Parameters (

  • --project (-p) TestRail project id (number)

  • --base_url (-H) TesRail address. http://testrail.local/ for example

  • --login (-l) TestRail username

  • --password (-P) User`s password

  • --tests_path (-t) Directory with tests to import

  • --delete_tests (-D) Deletes all tests from TestRail that was deleted from Python files

  • --module_path (-m) Path(s) to modules that will be imported in tests. Usually it`s project root directory

Tests Description

In all docstrings in tests you want to import into TestRail must start with following strings:

  • title: Test title which appears in TestRail as testcase`s name (will take test method name if title: is not presented)

  • suite: Testsuite name (required, will be created if not presented)

  • section: Section name in defined suite (required, will be created if not presented)

Suite & section can be specified inside testclass` docstring. If specified in testmethod's docstring, it'll be owerwritten.

Steps description

Each step must start with a dash (-). After any amount of steps may be expected result: a s tring(s) which starts with equals sign (=)



def test_party(self):
    title: Testcase Example
    suite: Testsuite Example
    section: Section Example
    - Get sixpack
    - Get friends
    = Fun in progress
    - Get Playstation
    = Hardcore gaming in progress