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Music Player Daemon integration with the awesome window manager.

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Music Player Daemon integration with the awesome window manager.

Project outline

  • Firstly, hibiki shall provide a Lua library giving access to all capabilities of the MPD protocol.
  • Secondly, it shall offer methods one can use to construct a graphical MPD client based off the awesome window manager's Lua API.
  • Thirdly, it shall provide MPD status displays by the means of awesome's naughty nofification and vicious widget library.

In its implementation, hibiki shant use any library or tool that hant been already put to use by the awesome developers and depend on more things as necessary. With hibiki, I set out both to master the Lua programming language (the earlier, the better, I assume), so in any part of the code, there might be a crux ... well, participants are welcome.

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