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tilec, the tile compiler

This Lua program had been created to compensate for the image tessellation mangastream employed back in the old days: All the tiles of a page would have been downloaded and arranged on a canvas using the tools coming with ImageMagick. For this is not longer required, development has been suspended in favour of the mangastream shell.


These scripts are obsolete since mangastream have long since changed their HTML. Remember, this is not a correct way to parse XMLy formats :)

A collection of Bash scripts to provide totally browser-less access to the chapters @mangastream which are to be employed in a UNIX geek-like manner: lsms produces an index, either in a readable or a GREP-able format; one can extract the entries she likes from this list and pipe etc the stuff to grepms, which will download and sort the specified matter into a meaningfully constructed directory tree.