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On demand launch an iframe into a pop-up modal in an accessible manner
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Accessible modal dialog pop-up iframe (v4)

Uses an anchor to launch a modal pop-up which is then populated with an iframe in an accessible manner.
This version allows modal source, title and description to be user-defined in the HTML.

Demo: WAI-ARIA accessible pop-up iframe modal dialog (v4)


  • All customisations are via inline HTML attributes and CSS. No need to edit JavaScript.
  • WCAG 2 level AA with WAI-ARIA support
  • Fully responsive, mobile-first approach.
    Modal and iframe resize with the window.
  • Lightweight, less than 1.8 KB to the browser with 1.5 KB CSS.
  • When opening; the focus is moved to modal content.
  • When closing; the focus is moved back to the activating link.
  • While open; the Tab scope is limited to the modal content.
  • While open; the document body is frozen (no scroll, no keychain).
  • While open; the Esc key closes the modal while on any focusable object (but not while inside the iframe).
  • Clicking on the lightbox also closes the modal.
  • Just a link is presented when JavaScript is unavailable.

Basic usage

Link to the stylesheet:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css">

Define SVGs for the "close" and "loading" icons:

<svg style="display:none">
    <symbol viewBox="0 0 38 38" id="icon-cross">
      <path d="M19 17.6l5.3-5.4 1.4 1.4-5.3 5.4 5.3 5.3-1.4 1.4-5.3-5.3-5.3 5.3-1.4-1.4 5.2-5.3-5.2-5.3 1.4-1.4 5.3 5.3z"/>
    <symbol viewBox='0 0 150 130' id="icon-loading">
      <path d='M81.5 33l30.8-32.8c0.3-0.3 0.5-0.2 0.3 0.3 -1.8 5.2-1.7 15.3-1.7 15.3 -0.1 6.8-0.8 11.7-6.6 17.9L74.8 65.1c-0.2 0.2-0.4 0-0.3-0.2 1.5-5.1 1.2-15.1 1.2-15.1C75.4 45.6 76.4 38.4 81.5 33M105.9 54.8l43.8 10.3c0.4 0.1 0.4 0.4-0.2 0.4 -5.4 1-14.1 6.1-14.1 6.1 -6 3.3-10.5 5.2-18.8 3.2l-41.9-9.9c-0.3-0.1-0.2-0.3 0-0.4 5.2-1.3 13.7-6.5 13.7-6.5C92 55.9 98.7 53.1 105.9 54.8M99.4 86.3l13 43.2c0.1 0.4-0.1 0.5-0.4 0.1 -3.6-4.2-12.4-9.2-12.4-9.2 -5.8-3.5-9.7-6.5-12.2-14.6L75 64.5c-0.1-0.3 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.2 3.7 3.9 12.5 8.6 12.5 8.6C91.5 74.8 97.3 79.2 99.4 86.3M68.7 97l-30.8 32.8c-0.3 0.3-0.5 0.2-0.3-0.3 1.8-5.2 1.7-15.3 1.7-15.3 0.1-6.8 0.8-11.7 6.6-17.9l29.5-31.4c0.2-0.2 0.4 0 0.3 0.2 -1.5 5.1-1.2 15.1-1.2 15.1C74.8 84.4 73.8 91.6 68.7 97M44.1 75.8L0.3 65.4C-0.1 65.3-0.1 65 0.5 65c5.4-1 14.1-6.1 14.1-6.1 6-3.3 10.5-5.2 18.8-3.2l41.9 9.9c0.3 0.1 0.2 0.3 0 0.4 -5.2 1.3-13.7 6.5-13.7 6.5C58.1 74.7 51.3 77.5 44.1 75.8M50.2 43.8l-13-43.2c-0.1-0.4 0.1-0.5 0.4-0.1C41.2 4.7 50 9.7 50 9.7c5.8 3.5 9.7 6.5 12.2 14.6l12.4 41.3c0.1 0.3-0.2 0.4-0.3 0.2 -3.7-3.9-12.5-8.6-12.5-8.6C58.1 55.4 52.4 50.9 50.2 43.8'/>

Add data attributes to the link.
data-modal is a requirement, it only needs populating with a value if it's different to the href (Google maps or YouTube videos).
data-modalTitle is optional and will be populated form the link text or image alt text if undefined.
data-modalDesc is optional and defaults to "Tab or Shift + Tab to move focus".


  data-modalTitle="Map location"
  Interactive map

Add the script:

<script src="js/accessible-popup.4.1.min.js"></script>


  • This method neither raises or lowers accessibility barriers caused by the iframe content.
  • Be absolutely certain the iframe doesn't trap the keyboard.

Current status

14/08/2016 - In cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device testing.
To be followed with full access testing by Digital Accessibility Centre.

Currently resolving modal width & height for pop-up images, and video doesn't pause / stop on modal close.
In the meantime, for video, use this instead: Embed video iframe.

Based on the workings of:


Let's mention alternate versions of modal pop-ups out there:

  • Modaal - The best I've seen though kicks in at 17 KB. Does it all except allow for different link href to a modal iframe src (as per this example). If you need Accessibility with bells & whistles this is recommended. [Nicked some of your feature docs, thanks].

  • Tingle js - Love the UX feel of this one but Accessibility not the strong point. Code weight (3 kb loaded) and a style I'm envious of. Appreciated the prototype technique over my purely functional. [Nicked the lightbox cursor, thanks].

  • Vanilla modal - Loved the lightweight (< 4 KB loaded inc CSS) simplicity, hated the modals loading before interaction, sadly ignores keyboard-only users too.

  • DialogModal - Very basic modal dialog but with good Accessibility. Everything preloaded loaded in the HTML and uses ES2015.

  • This version 4 (< 4 KB inc CSS). Uses classList so limited to IE10+.

All in all nothing is ever perfect, just avoid using a heavy weight library / framework for something this simple.

CodePen demo: WCAG ARIA accessible pop-up iframe modal dialog (v4)

Encapuslated with external configuration and instantiation: Modal Dialog demo.

Mike Foskett @ webSemantics
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