A mod menu GUI for PS4 GTA V
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PS4 GTA V Menu Base

A mod menu GUI for PS4 GTA V built on top of my native caller.


Key Features

  • Unlimited submenus
  • Unlimited options
  • Option & submenu remembrance
  • Auto adjusting and scrolling background
  • Full customization
  • Simple keyboard input and handling
  • Support for numerous dynamic option types
  • Button instructions display
  • Example options and vehicle spawner


While the example submenus showcase much of the menu base's functionality, more is possible. Check out menu.cpp for all supported option types.

Menu::vehicleSpawn and Menu::vehicleToSpawn are only for the example vehicleSpawner submenu and are unnecessary to the overall menu base.

The UI is fairly simple and open to more advanced customization such as the addition of sprites.