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Explain some more SDK 7.1 installation pitfalls

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@@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ Win2k8 R2 but must be installed manually for older platforms. Get it here:
+If you have Visual Studio 2010 redistributible packages installed or have
+version 2010 or 2012 of Visual Studio installed, additional steps are required
+to install the Windows SDK 7.1 correctly. See TROUBLESHOOTING.
Download required tools
@@ -302,6 +306,26 @@ the SDK uses the same compiler suite. The problem was fixed in Visual Studio 201
not in SDK 7.1. To work around the problem you must install Visual C++ Express Edition 2010
and then the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 update.
+SDK 7.1 install fails
+One possible cause of a Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 install failure is if
+newer versions of the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable runtime are installed.
+Many program installers will add these for you.
+The only workaround I'm aware of is to uninstall any VC++ 2010
+redistributibles, install the SDK, then reinstall the redistributibles. Note
+that uninstalling the redistributibles will cause some programs on your
+computer to fail to run until they're reinstalled.
+You can get the redists from:
+* 2010 x86 SP1:
+* 2010 x64 SP1:
+* 2010 x86:
+* 2010 x64:
Permission denied errors when cleaning
@@ -317,6 +341,15 @@ Open up Process Explorer (preferered) or Task Manager. Now find and terminate th
processes - look for psql.exe, pg_regress.exe and postgres.exe . If you have a real PostgreSQL
instance you use for real work on this machine, be careful not to terminate it.
+postgres.exe or git.exe hung at max cpu forever, won't End Task
+There appears to be a problem with building and testing PostgreSQL inside
+deep directory trees (130+ characters, roundabout). See:
Other SDKs

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