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pglogical is a logical replication system implemented entirely as a PostgreSQL extension. Fully integrated, it requires no triggers or external programs. This alternative to physical replication is a highly efficient method of replicating data using a publish/subscribe model for selective replication. For more details, please visit:

The pglogical 2 release brings new features allowing it to be used for even more use-cases and also several bug fixes and behavior improvements listed below:

  • PG 11 support
  • Improved compatibility with pglogical 1.x provider
  • Improved error reporting
  • Row filtering on provider
  • Column filtering on provider
  • Delayed replication
  • MS Windows support (source code only)
  • Ability to convert physical standby to logical replication
  • Can publish data from PostgreSQL to a Postgres-XL subscriber
  • Greatly improved performance for replication of large INSERT/COPY transactions
  • Improved memory management.

pglogical 2's maintenance happens on the REL2_x_STABLE branch.

pglogical3 is currently only available for 2ndQuadrant support customers. Follow the 2ndQuadrant blog ( and or the bdr/pglogical forum and mailing list at!forum/bdr-list for updates.

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