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4.0 2017-10-04
Complete rewrite with many changes; see file "doc/"
for details.
3.3.2 2017-06-01
Add support for PostgreSQL 10 (Ian)
repmgr: ensure --replication-user option is honoured when passing database
connection parameters as a conninfo string (Ian)
repmgr: improve detection of pg_rewind on remote server (Ian)
repmgr: add DETAIL log output for additional clarification of error messages (Ian)
repmgr: suppress various spurious error messages in `standby follow` and
`standby switchover` (Ian)
repmgr: add missing `-P` option (Ian)
repmgrd: monitoring statistic reporting fixes (Ian)
3.3.1 2017-03-13
repmgrd: prevent invalid apply lag value being written to the
monitoring table (Ian)
repmgrd: fix error in XLogRecPtr conversion when calculating
monitoring statistics (Ian)
repmgr: if replication slots in use, where possible delete slot on old
upstream node after following new upstream (Ian)
repmgr: improve logging of rsync actions (Ian)
repmgr: improve `standby clone` when synchronous replication in use (Ian)
repmgr: stricter checking of allowed node id values
repmgr: enable `master register --force` when there is a foreign key
dependency from a standby node (Ian)
3.3 2016-12-27
repmgr: always log to STDERR even if log facility defined (Ian)
repmgr: add --log-to-file to log repmgr output to the defined
log facility (Ian)
repmgr: improve handling of command line parameter errors (Ian)
repmgr: add option --upstream-conninfo to explicitly set
'primary_conninfo' in recovery.conf (Ian)
repmgr: enable a standby to be registered which isn't running (Ian)
repmgr: enable `standby register --force` to update a node record
with cascaded downstream node records (Ian)
repmgr: add option `--no-conninfo-password` (Abhijit, Ian)
repmgr: add initial support for PostgreSQL 10.0 (Ian)
repmgr: escape values in primary_conninfo if needed (Ian)
3.2.1 2016-10-24
repmgr: require a valid repmgr cluster name unless -F/--force
supplied (Ian)
repmgr: check master server is registered with repmgr before
cloning (Ian)
repmgr: ensure data directory defaults to that of the source node (Ian)
repmgr: various fixes to Barman cloning mode (Gianni, Ian)
repmgr: fix `repmgr cluster crosscheck` output (Ian)
3.2 2016-10-05
repmgr: add support for cloning from a Barman backup (Gianni)
repmgr: add commands `standby matrix` and `standby crosscheck` (Gianni)
repmgr: suppress connection error display in `repmgr cluster show`
unless `--verbose` supplied (Ian)
repmgr: add commands `witness register` and `witness unregister` (Ian)
repmgr: enable `standby unregister` / `witness unregister` to be
executed for a node which is not running (Ian)
repmgr: remove deprecated command line options --initdb-no-pwprompt and
-l/--local-port (Ian)
repmgr: before cloning with pg_basebackup, check that sufficient free
walsenders are available (Ian)
repmgr: add option `--wait-sync` for `standby register` which causes
repmgr to wait for the registered node record to synchronise to
the standby (Ian)
repmgr: add option `--copy-external-config-files` for files outside
of the data directory (Ian)
repmgr: only require `wal_keep_segments` to be set in certain corner
cases (Ian)
repmgr: better support cloning from a node other than the one to
stream from (Ian)
repmgrd: add configuration options to override the default pg_ctl
commands (Jarkko Oranen, Ian)
repmgrd: don't start if node is inactive and failover=automatic (Ian)
packaging: improve "repmgr-auto" Debian package (Gianni)
3.1.5 2016-08-15
repmgrd: in a failover situation, prevent endless looping when
attempting to establish the status of a node with
`failover=manual` (Ian)
repmgrd: improve handling of failover events on standbys with
`failover=manual`, and create a new event notification
for this, `standby_disconnect_manual` (Ian)
repmgr: add further event notifications (Gianni)
repmgr: when executing `standby switchover`, don't collect remote
command output unless required (Gianni, Ian)
repmgrd: improve standby monitoring query (Ian, based on suggestion
from Álvaro)
repmgr: various command line handling improvements (Ian)
3.1.4 2016-07-12
repmgr: new configuration option for setting "restore_command"
in the recovery.conf file generated by repmgr (Martín)
repmgr: add --csv option to "repmgr cluster show" (Gianni)
repmgr: enable provision of a conninfo string as the -d/--dbname
parameter, similar to other PostgreSQL utilities (Ian)
repmgr: during switchover operations improve detection of
demotion candidate shutdown (Ian)
various bugfixes and documentation updates (Ian, Martín)
3.1.3 2016-05-17
repmgrd: enable monitoring when a standby is catching up by
replaying archived WAL (Ian)
repmgrd: when upstream_node_id is NULL, assume upstream node
to be current master (Ian)
repmgrd: check for reappearance of the master node if standby
promotion fails (Ian)
improve handling of rsync failure conditions (Martín)
3.1.2 2016-04-12
Fix pg_ctl path generation in do_standby_switchover() (Ian)
Regularly sync witness server repl_nodes table (Ian)
Documentation improvements (Gianni, dhyannataraj)
(Experimental) ensure repmgr handles failover slots when copying
in rsync mode (Craig, Ian)
rsync mode handling fixes (Martín)
Enable repmgr to compile against 9.6devel (Ian)
3.1.1 2016-02-24
Add '-P/--pwprompt' option for "repmgr create witness" (Ian)
Prevent repmgr/repmgrd running as root (Ian)
3.1.0 2016-02-01
Add "repmgr standby switchover" command (Ian)
Revised README file (Ian)
Remove requirement for 'archive_mode' to be enabled (Ian)
Improve -?/--help output, showing default values if relevant (Ian)
Various bugfixes to command line/configuration parameter handling (Ian)
3.0.3 2016-01-04
Create replication slot if required before base backup is run (Abhijit)
standy clone: when using rsync, clean up "pg_replslot" directory (Ian)
Improve --help output (Ian)
Improve config file parsing (Ian)
Various logging output improvements, including explicit HINTS (Ian)
Add --log-level to explicitly set log level on command line (Ian)
Repurpose --verbose to display extra log output (Ian)
Add --terse to hide hints and other non-critical output (Ian)
Reference internal functions with explicit catalog path (Ian)
When following a new primary, have repmgr (not repmgrd) create the new slot (Ian)
Add /etc/repmgr.conf as a default configuration file location (Ian)
Prevent repmgrd's -v/--verbose option expecting a parameter (Ian)
Prevent invalid replication_lag values being written to the monitoring table (Ian)
Improve repmgrd behaviour when monitored standby node is temporarily
unavailable (Martín)
3.0.2 2015-10-02
Improve handling of --help/--version options; and improve help output (Ian)
Improve handling of situation where logfile can't be opened (Ian)
Always pass -D/--pgdata option to pg_basebackup (Ian)
Bugfix: standby clone --force does not empty pg_xlog (Gianni)
Bugfix: autofailover with reconnect_attempts > 1 (Gianni)
Bugfix: ignore comments after values (soxwellfb)
Bugfix: handle string values in 'node' parameter correctly (Gregory Duchatelet)
Allow repmgr to be compiled with a newer libpq (Marco)
Bugfix: call update_node_record_set_upstream() for STANDBY FOLLOW (Tomas)
Update `repmgr --help` output (per Github report from renard)
Update tablespace remapping in --rsync-only mode for 9.5 and later (Ian)
Deprecate `-l/--local-port` option - the port can be extracted
from the conninfo string in repmgr.conf (Ian)
Don't fail with error when registering master if schema already defined (Ian)
Fixes to whitespace handling when parsing config file (Ian)
3.0.1 2015-04-16
Prevent repmgrd from looping infinitely if node was not registered (Ian)
When promoting a standby, have repmgr (not repmgrd) handle metadata updates (Ian)
Re-use replication slot if it already exists (Ian)
Prevent a test SSH connection being made when not needed (Ian)
Correct monitoring table column names (Ian)
3.0 2015-03-27
Require PostgreSQL 9.3 or later (Ian)
Use `pg_basebackup` by default (instead of `rsync`) to clone standby servers (Ian)
Use `pg_ctl promote` to promote a standby to primary
Enable tablespace remapping using `pg_basebackup` (in PostgreSQL 9.3 with `rsync`) (Ian)
Support cascaded standbys (Ian)
"pg_bindir" no longer required as a configuration parameter (Ian)
Enable replication slots to be used (PostgreSQL 9.4 and later (Ian)
Command line option "--check-upstream-config" (Ian)
Add event logging table and option to execute an external program when an event occurs (Ian)
General usability and logging message improvements (Ian)
Code consolidation and cleanup (Ian)
2.0.3 2015-04-16
Add -S/--superuser option for witness database creation Ian)
Add -c/--fast-checkpoint option for cloning (Christoph)
Add option "--initdb-no-pwprompt" (Ian)
2.0.2 2015-02-17
Add "--checksum" in rsync when using "--force" (Jaime)
Use createdb/createuser instead of psql (Jaime)
Fixes to witness creation and monitoring (wamonite)
Use default master port if none supplied (Martín)
Documentation fixes and improvements (Ian)
2.0.1 2014-07-16
Documentation fixes and new QUICKSTART file (Ian)
Explicitly specify directories to ignore when cloning (Ian)
Fix log level for some log messages (Ian)
RHEL/CentOS specfile, init script and Makefile fixes (Nathan Van Overloop)
Debian init script and config file documentation fixes (József Kószó)
Typo fixes (Riegie Godwin Jeyaranchen, PriceChild)
2.0stable 2014-01-30
Documentation fixes (Christian)
General refactoring, code quality improvements and stabilization work (Christian)
Added proper daemonizing (-d/--daemonize) (Christian)
Added PID file handling (-p/--pid-file) (Christian)
New config option: monitor_interval_secs (Christian)
New config option: retry_promote_interval (Christian)
New config option: logfile (Christian)
New config option: pg_bindir (Christian)
New config option: pgctl_options (Christian)
2.0beta2 2013-12-19
Improve autofailover logic and algorithms (Jaime, Andres)
Ignore pg_log when cloning (Jaime)
Add timestamps to log line in stderr (Christian)
Correctly check wal_keep_segments (Jay Taylor)
Add a ssh_options parameter (Jay Taylor)
2.0beta1 2012-07-27
Make CLONE command try to make an exact copy including $PGDATA location (Cedric)
Add detection of master failure (Jaime)
Add the notion of a witness server (Jaime)
Add autofailover capabilities (Jaime)
Add a configuration parameter to indicate the script to execute on failover or follow (Jaime)
Make the monitoring optional and turned off by default, it can be turned on with --monitoring-history switch (Jaime)
Add tunables to specify number of retries to reconnect to master and the time between them (Jaime)
1.2.0 2012-07-27
Test ssh connection before trying to rsync (Cédric)
Add CLUSTER SHOW command (Carlo)
Add CLUSTER CLEANUP command (Jaime)
Add function write_primary_conninfo (Marco)
Teach repmgr how to get tablespace's location in different pg version (Jaime)
Improve version message (Carlo)
1.1.1 2012-04-18
Add --ignore-rsync-warning (Cédric)
Add strnlen for compatibility with OS X (Greg)
Improve performance of the repl_status view (Jaime)
Remove last argument from log_err (Jaime, Reported by Jeroen Dekkers)
Complete documentation about possible error conditions (Jaime)
Document how to clean history (Jaime)
1.1.0 2011-03-09
Make options -U, -R and -p not mandatory (Jaime)
1.1.0b1 2011-02-24
Fix missing "--force" option in help (Greg Smith)
Correct warning message for wal_keep_segments (Bas van Oostveen)
Add Debian build/usage docs (Bas, Hannu Krosing, Cedric Villemain)
Add Debian .deb packaging (Hannu)
Move configuration data into a structure (Bas, Gabriele Bartolini)
Make rsync options configurable (Bas)
Add syslog as alternate logging destination (Gabriele)
Change from using malloc to static memory allocations (Gabriele)
Add debugging messages after every query (Gabriele)
Parameterize schema name used for repmgr (Gabriele)
Avoid buffer overruns by using snprintf etc. (Gabriele)
Fix use of database query after close (Gabriele)
Add information about progress during "standby clone" (Gabriele)
Fix double free errors in repmgrd (Charles Duffy, Greg)
Make repmgr exit with an error code when encountering an error (Charles)
Standardize on error return codes, use in repmgrd too (Greg)
Add [un]install actions/SQL like most contrib modules (Daniel Farina)
Wrap all string construction and produce error on overflow (Daniel)
Correct freeing of memory from first_wal_segment (Daniel)
Allow creating recovery.conf file with a password (Daniel)
Inform when STANDBY CLONE sees an unused config file (Daniel)
Use 64-bit computation for WAL apply_lag (Greg)
Add info messages for database and general work done (Greg)
Map old verbose flag into a useful setting for the new logger (Greg)
Document repmgrd startup restrictions and log info about them (Greg)
1.0.0 2010-12-05
First public release