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be58d6a Jan 19, 2016
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Known issues in repmgr
* When running repmgr against a remote machine, operations that start
the database server using the ``pg_ctl`` command may accidentally
terminate after their associated ssh session ends.
* PGPASSFILE may not be passed to pg_basebackup
Planned feature improvements
* Use 'primary' instead of 'master' in documentation and log output
for consistency with PostgreSQL documentation. See also commit
* A better check which standby did receive most of the data
* Make the fact that a standby may be delayed a factor in the voting
* include support for delayed standbys
* Create the repmgr user/database on "master register".
* Use pg_basebackup for the data directory, and ALSO rsync for the
configuration files.
* If no configuration file supplied, search in sensible default locations
(currently: current directory and `pg_config --sysconfdir`); if
possible this should include the location provided by the package,
if installed.
* repmgrd: if connection to the upstream node fails on startup, optionally
retry for a certain period before giving up; this will cover cases when
e.g. primary and standby are both starting up, and the standby comes up
before the primary. See github issue #80.
* make old master node ID available for event notification commands
(See github issue #80).
* repmgr standby clone: possibility to use barman instead of performing a new base backup
* possibility to transform a failed master into a new standby with pg_rewind
* "repmgr standby switchover" to promote a standby in a controlled manner
and convert the existing primary into a standby
* make repmgrd more robust
* repmgr: when cloning a standby using pg_basebackup and replication slots are
requested, activate the replication slot using pg_receivexlog to negate the
need to set `wal_keep_segments` just for the initial clone (9.4 and 9.5).
* Take into account the fact that a standby can obtain WAL from an archive,
so even if direct streaming replication is interrupted, it may be up-to-date
Usability improvements
* repmgr: add interrupt handler, so that if the program is interrupted
while running a backup, an attempt can be made to execute pg_stop_backup()
on the primary, to prevent an orphaned backup state existing.
* repmgr: when unregistering a node, delete any entries in the repl_monitoring
* repmgr: for "standby unregister", accept connection parameters for the
primary and perform metadata updates (and slot removal) directly on
the primary, to allow a shutdown standby to be unregistered
(currently the standby must still be running, which means the replication
slot can't be dropped).
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