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Add TODO, update history for 1.1.0 release

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Greg Smith Greg Smith
Greg Smith authored and Greg Smith committed Mar 9, 2011
1 parent e7903a7 commit 4c792c8013f5713589f53dbdb47721febf139a85
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Add info messages for database and general work done (Greg)
Map old verbose flag into a useful setting for the new logger (Greg)
Document repmgrd startup restrictions and log info about them (Greg)
+1.1.0 2011-03-09
+ Make options -U, -R and -p not mandatory (Jaime)
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+Known issues in repmgr
+* The check for whether ``wal_keep_segments`` is considered large enough
+ does a string comparison rather than an integer one. It can give both
+ false positive (setting is large enough but flagged as too small) and
+ false negative (setting is too small but not noted as such) errors.
+* When running repmgr against a remote machine, operations that start
+ the database server using the ``pg_ctl`` command may accidentally
+ terminate after their associated ssh session ends.
+* After running repmgrd as a regular foreground application, hitting
+ control-C causes the program to crash.
+Planned feature improvements
+* Before running ``pg_start_backup()``, a sanity check that there is a
+ a working ssh connection to the destination would help find
+ configuration errors before disturbing the database.

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